August 21, 2005

No, not a blogger. Just have too much to do. Working fulltime

then writing premise after premise after work for a project

you've only seen if you know how to explore a website.

Anyway, I'm here today to report that we've added two new order

pages. This site is a little primitive at this point, and so

there's no shopping cart to add things up on the order pages.

To make up for this we've now added an order page for the entire Saga,

for a discounted price and one shipping charge. You can go

straight to it by clicking on this:

And to order the entire First Season, plus the Saga, again for a bargain

price and one shipping fee, go here:

We hope to be updating again soon, once our 'mystery' projects

are completed. Or, we just may be adding a whole other site,

that introduces yet another mind-blowing dimension.

We'll see what the Elders of Tomorrow have in store.


June 12, 2005

Added a new category on the left hand navigation of the

home page. If you go to Order Pages, you can quick-jump to the order

and contact pages. Definitely will be hitting Flash soon, and

will revamp the Home Page so that all pages can be reached from one place.

Till then, this will have to do. I like the linear nature of the site in

general, but for repeat visitors it could get tedious.

Beyond that, I don't have anything to add that numerous astrologers,

pundits, habgabbins and sleazy tabloid writers haven't already

pounded into the ground, so here we go into yet

another Circadian week of Life In These Modern Times.

Happy. Happy. Joy. Joy.



June 11, 2005

So Sammy Davis Jr. was holding this large lime green snake,

and he asked me, "Do I need medical attention?" Then the snake

bit him in the forearm and I said:

"Now you do. That's a King Cobra."

Then he drops the snake, a tad after the fact, and it slithered in a

panic into a main street jewelry store, causing

rapid evacuation, and people leaving the building.

I could not for the life of me

round up enough quarters to call home for

someone to come get me out of this

strip mall hell. Looked like a main drag in 1970's Kansas.

For some unknown reason I had no car. I hate buses.

And my ferret was getting hungry.

Which was more of concern to me than anything else.

Why I didn't sic him on the lime green

cobra, I don't know. Associative links are not dream's strong suit.

He (the ferret) was grooving on the mass chaos

but it was past time to get home.

And therein, I'm convinced,

lies the hidden true meaning of Life Itself.



June 4, 2005

Everything You Know Is Wrong


The Hopi's history is more accurate than western civilizations'.


We've forgotten more than we presently know. Now we're just catching up.

For the fourth time.


600 years ago, if you said the world was round, you got thrown in a dungeon.


Does anyone remember who jailed Galileo?


Maybe the archeologists of the future will build

museums about our present,

with a shrine to our most beloved Icons:

Fritos • Doritos • Cheetos


100 years ago, we were riding horses.

The land of strip-malls you know now is going to sink

back into the petro-chemical tar-pools that made them possible.


They say, keep your feet on the ground.

But the ground will change. It is changing. It will change again.


Predator mutations. Here they come.


Run for the shadows.



April 30, 2005

Almost half a year has gone by since I've updated this site or the blog,
which is fairly criminal. Won't let that happen again.

The entire ShadowMan Saga is finally available. The hold-up was the

packaging art. Took so much longer than I expected, but I think you'll find

it was worth the wait. Portraits of three of the main characters in the

Saga now grace both the CD Packaging and the CD Imprints.

And there's all new art for a good deal of the First Season as well.

The next phase is Flash. We will be updating the home page and finally and at

last wrapping up our cast pages, with full Sound FX and the smooth

animation that only Flash can offer. Meanwhile, check out

all the new art on the site.



November 20, 2004
Absolutely the best sushi anywhere in the Greater Portland Oregon Metropolitan

Area can be found at TOSHI'S. Go there, and revel in the bliss that is mass

consumption of Omega 9. They're located in the Strip Mall on the corner of

Baseline and 185th in Aloha. Family owned and operated. Closed Sundays.

Complete and authentic Japanese cuisine as well.
Their Miso soup is the best ever.